What’s the best way to get kicks that you know that nobody else will have or make you feel like a sponsored athlete…create customize ones! Nowadays lots of shoe brands will let you customize various styles of their shoes, but Nike has been doing it longest with the introduction of NikeID in 1999. I’ve always been attracted to the idea of NikeID, but it’s always been daunting especially with the amount of options Nike gives you. How do you know that you’re selecting the best color combinations, choosing a design that is uniquely you, or picking a shoe worth customizing? I recently went through the process of using NikeID and was blown away with the final product. Below I’ve outlined the process and my top tips for creating your own custom pair of Nikes.


Nike’s process of creating a NikeID shoe is pretty seamless. First off, you can simply choose the “Customize” ribbon at the top of and you can see all the styles available for NikeID. From here just choose your style and launch the NikeID customizer. Each shoe style is a little different, but in general you can edit color of the shoe’s upper, the laces, the swoosh, the sole (outsole and sometimes midsole), the heel, and even make custom text to the shoe! Overall, I found the process to fairly straightforward and as seen in the side-by-side comparisons below, Nike’s rendering of the shoe is very accurate. Definitely a plus considering the premium you pay for NikeID.

The only complaint that I have about the process is how long delivery takes. Nike’s original estimate was delivered 3 weeks from the order date, however, in reality it was more like 4 weeks. Now, I don’t know if this is UPS’s fault or Nike’s, but forewarned that it can take sometime for your NikeID’s to arrive.


I’m a firm believer that shoes should be worn, not put on a shelf, and this is especially true for custom shoes. You put in the work and paid the money, so wear them! With that in mind, what should be in your mind making your NikeID shoe?

  • Spice up a style you already love. You wouldn’t wear bright pink if pink wasn’t your favorite color, right? Same applies here. Choose a style that you know will be timeless to you. I picked a Nike Metcon because I’m a CrossFitter and having a unique color way to your shoe is a part of the CrossFit culture. Two things that I knew would keep me wearing the shoe. Bottomline, be you when you pick the shoe.
  • Get colorful. Knowing the right color combination can be overwhelming, especially given all the choices Nike gives you. In this case, knowing some basic “color theory” helps. Complementary colors (blue & orange, yellow & purple, red & green) are generally going to look good together. Additionally, going with a contrasting look (think white versus black) will definitely make your shoes pop. Monochrome isn’t a bad way to go either, as seen below, and can look very trendy.
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All white Nike Metcon 3
  •  Have your shoes tell a story. By this I mean to pick a theme. A personal theme is best, something about the shoe needs embody your identity. It is called NikeID after all. For me, this was picking my college colors – purple and gold (GO DAWGS!!). This is a place where making use of the text customization option is great. A favorite saying, personal motto, or nickname can go a long way to make your theme and tie the shoe together. Nike Metcon 3, retcon 3, NikeID Metcon 3, NikeID, custom Nike, University of Washington, UW, Dawg Pack, purple and gold, purple, gold, nike training, Nike Training


Overall, I was very impressed by my NikeID experience. It was very easy to design the shoes and they came out looking exactly as I expected. The performance and construction is very comparable to my other Metcons, so there are no quality issues to worry about. In the end, 1) know your style, 2) know your colors, and 3) know your theme. With these 3 things in mind, you are sure to come out with an awesome pair of NikeIDs. Happy designing!!

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